Best Non-Dairy Milk For Iced Coffee In 2023

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Best Non-Dairy Milk for Iced Coffee in 2023

What Is Non-Dairy Milk?

Non-dairy milk is an alternative to cow’s milk that doesn’t come from animals. It’s made from plants like soy, almonds, oats, and more. Non-dairy milk is popular amongst vegans and those who have a lactose intolerance. It is also often used in coffee drinks because it can add a creamy texture and flavor to the beverage.

Why Does Non-Dairy Milk Work Best in Iced Coffee?

Non-dairy milk works best in iced coffee because it doesn’t contain any animal fat or protein, which can make the beverage heavy, thick, and creamy. This makes it ideal for an iced coffee that is light, refreshing, and flavorful.

What Are the Best Non-Dairy Milks for Iced Coffee?

There are a few different types of non-dairy milk that work great in iced coffee. Soy milk is the most popular option, as it has a neutral flavor and works well with the flavor of the coffee. Almond milk is also a good choice, as it has a slightly nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Coconut milk is a great option for those who like a sweet and creamy flavor, while oat milk is a great choice for those who are looking for an even creamier texture.

Tips for Making the Best Non-Dairy Iced Coffee

When making iced coffee with non-dairy milk, it’s important to use cold milk to keep the beverage cool and refreshing. It’s also a good idea to use a higher-fat non-dairy milk, as it will give the iced coffee a rich and creamy flavor. Lastly, it’s best to sweeten the beverage with a natural sweetener, like agave or honey, as it won’t overpower the coffee flavor.


Non-dairy milk is a great option for those looking to enjoy a creamy, flavorful iced coffee. Soy, almond, coconut, and oat milk are all good choices for making iced coffee. Be sure to use cold milk and a high-fat milk for the best flavor and texture. Lastly, sweeten the beverage with a natural sweetener for the perfect iced coffee.

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