When Is The Best Time To Put Lawn Fertilizer?

How To Choose The Best Fertilizer For Green Grass? Tips For Beginners

When is the Best Time to Put Lawn Fertilizer?

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

Before you start thinking about when to apply lawn fertilizer, you need to consider which type is best suited for your lawn. Different types of lawns require different types of fertilizers. To choose the right kind, you should consult a professional or look for advice from a local garden center. Once you know what type of fertilizer to use, it’s time to figure out when to apply it.

Timing Your Application

The best time to put down lawn fertilizer is typically in the spring, around the beginning of April. This is usually when grass starts to green up and become active again after the winter. Applying fertilizer during this time helps to stimulate the growth of new grass blades and provides the essential nutrients needed for a healthy lawn.

Late Summer and Fall

After applying fertilizer in the spring, you should follow up with a second application in late summer or early fall. This application should be a slow-release fertilizer that will provide your grass with the nutrients it needs throughout the fall and winter months. This will help to keep your grass healthy and strong during the colder months when growth slows down.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When applying fertilizer, it is important to follow the directions and not over-apply. Too much fertilizer can actually damage your lawn, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application. You should also avoid applying fertilizer before heavy rains, as the rain can wash away the fertilizer and cause it to be ineffective.


To get the best results from your lawn fertilizer, it is important to apply it at the right times. Generally, the best time to put down fertilizer is in the early spring, followed by a second application in late summer or early fall. When applying fertilizer, be sure to follow the directions and avoid over-applying or applying before heavy rains.

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