Efficient Dichondra Lawn Weed Control Strategies For 2023


Efficient Dichondra Lawn Weed Control Strategies for 2023

What is Dichondra?

Dichondra is a hearty, low-growing perennial plant, often used in lawn and turf applications. It’s a popular choice amongst homeowners thanks to its lush, full-looking and thick green leaves. It’s also fast-growing and can help to promote a healthy lawn, but it’s prone to weed and pest infestation. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to know the best weed control strategies for Dichondra lawns.

Common Lawn Weeds

There are a number of common lawn weeds that can infest a Dichondra lawn, including crab grass, dandelions, and clover. These weeds will compete with the Dichondra for light, water, and nutrients, and can quickly take over if not controlled. It’s important to identify and remove these weeds as soon as possible to keep your Dichondra lawn looking its best.

Preventative Weed Control

The best way to keep your Dichondra lawn free of weeds is to practice preventative weed control. This means providing your lawn with the essential nutrients and moisture it needs to remain healthy and keep weeds at bay. A regular fertilization and watering schedule can go a long way towards preventing weed infestations. If you’ve noticed weeds beginning to take over, you may also want to consider using a pre-emergent herbicide to keep them from taking root.

Spot Treating Weeds

If your Dichondra lawn has already become infested with weeds, you’ll need to spot treat the weeds to get rid of them. Spot treating involves using a post-emergent herbicide to target and kill the weeds without harming the Dichondra. It’s important to apply the herbicide according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as applying too much or too often can damage the Dichondra.


Dichondra can be a great choice for a lush, green lawn, but it’s important to know the best weed control strategies to keep it looking its best. Practicing preventative measures, such as regular fertilization and watering, is the best way to prevent weeds from taking hold. If weeds have already taken over, spot treating the weeds with a post-emergent herbicide can help to get rid of them without damaging the Dichondra.

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