Do You Water Before Fertilizing Lawn?

Show your lawn some love, the importance of aeration before

Do You Water Before Fertilizing Lawn?

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fertilizing

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn takes a bit of effort and attention. One of the most important steps in keeping your lawn healthy is fertilizing, but it’s important to do it right. A common question that often arises when preparing to fertilize a lawn is whether or not you should water before fertilizing.

The Benefits of Watering

Watering your lawn before fertilizing brings several benefits. The most important is that it helps ensure that the fertilizer can reach the grass roots more easily. Without enough water, the fertilizer can become concentrated in certain areas, which can cause burning. Therefore, if you water your lawn first, the fertilizer can be spread around more evenly and be more effective.

Watering before applying fertilizer also helps activate the fertilizer, allowing it to start working faster. It helps to keep the active ingredients in the fertilizer from washing away too soon and encourages the fertilizer to seep into the roots of the grass.

How Much Water is Necessary?

Once you’ve decided to water your lawn before fertilizing, the next step is to figure out how much water is needed. As a general rule, you should water your lawn until the soil is wet to a depth of 6 inches. This should be enough to ensure that the fertilizer has the opportunity to seep down to the roots of your grass, but not so much that it washes away.

When to Water

The best time to water your lawn before fertilizing is immediately before applying the fertilizer. This will ensure that the soil is moist and the fertilizer will have the potential to be absorbed by the grass roots. Also, make sure to water your lawn again about a week after fertilizing to help promote deeper absorption of the fertilizer.


Watering your lawn before fertilizing is an important step in ensuring that your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your fertilizer and keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant.

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