5 Creative Homemade Gifts For Tea Lovers

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5 Creative Homemade Gifts for Tea Lovers

1. Tea Wreath

A tea wreath is the perfect way to show your love for tea lovers. You can use any kind of tea from herbal to green tea or even loose leaf tea. Start by gathering some colorful tea bags and some ribbon. Create a circle with the ribbon and secure it with a glue gun. Then, glue the tea bags to the ribbon in a circular pattern. Finally, you can add some decorations like dried flowers or ribbons for a finishing touch.

2. Tea Infused Soap

Tea infused soap is another great way to show your tea loving friends how much you care. Start by choosing your favorite tea and adding it to some melted soap base. To make the soap extra special, you can add some dried flowers or essential oils. After you have mixed everything together, pour it into a soap mold and let it cool until it is solid. You can then wrap it in a nice box and voila, you have a special homemade gift for a tea lover.

3. Tea Candle Jar

A tea candle jar is a unique gift idea for tea lovers. Start by gathering some empty jars and some tea leaves. Place a layer of tea leaves in the bottom of the jar and then fill the jar with your favorite scented candle wax. Once the wax has cooled and solidified, add some decorations like dried flowers or ribbons around the jar. Finally, you can light the candle and enjoy the beautiful scent of tea.

4. Tea Infused Lip Balm

If you know someone who loves tea, why not make them a tea infused lip balm? Start by melting some beeswax and adding it to a mixing bowl. Add some tea leaves and your favorite essential oil and mix everything together. Pour the mixture into a lip balm container and let it cool until it is solid. Once it is solid, you can decorate the container with ribbons and give it as a special gift.

5. Handmade Tea Cup

Nothing says “I love you” more than a handmade tea cup. Start by gathering some clay and molding it into the shape of a cup. Add some decorations like dried flowers or ribbons and then bake the cup in the oven. Once it has cooled, you can paint it with your favorite colors and add some tea leaves to the cup. Finally, wrap it in a nice box and give it to the tea lover in your life.

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