How Do You Make Pizza Rolls In An Air Fryer?

Easy Air Fryer Pizza Rills

How Do You Make Pizza Rolls in an Air Fryer?

Ingredients and Equipment You Need

Making pizza rolls in an air fryer is easy and quick, but you need to make sure you have the correct ingredients and equipment. You’ll need a package of pizza rolls, cooking oil, a bowl, and an air fryer. You’ll also need to preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before you start.

Preparing the Pizza Rolls

The first step is to prepare the pizza rolls. Place the pizza rolls in a bowl and drizzle them with a bit of cooking oil. This will help them crisp up in the air fryer. Give the pizza rolls a good stir to make sure they are evenly coated with the oil.

Cooking the Pizza Rolls

Once the pizza rolls are prepared, place them in the air fryer basket. Place the basket in the preheated air fryer and set the timer for 8 minutes. The pizza rolls should be cooked through and golden brown when they are done.

Serving the Pizza Rolls

When the pizza rolls are done cooking, remove them from the air fryer and transfer them to a plate. Serve them hot with your favorite dipping sauces or as a side dish to your favorite meal.


Making pizza rolls in an air fryer is easy, quick, and delicious! The next time you’re in the mood for a snack or side dish, give this recipe a try.

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