Brew Coffee With A Chemex In 2023

How To Brew Coffee Using A Chemex in 2020 Coffee benefits, Coffee
How To Brew Coffee Using A Chemex in 2020 Coffee benefits, Coffee

Brew Coffee with a Chemex in 2023

Choose Your Chemex and Coffee

Brewing coffee with a Chemex has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Coffee aficionados know that this method can produce a smooth, clean cup of coffee that is sure to please. The Chemex itself is a classic piece of glassware that looks great on your countertop. To get started, choose a Chemex in the size that suits your needs and find some quality freshly roasted coffee beans to make your brew.

Grind the Coffee Beans

It’s important to grind the beans right before brewing for the best flavor. For a Chemex, you should use a medium-coarse grind. If your grinder has adjustable settings, grind the beans to the size of coarse sea salt. Once the beans are ground, measure about 42 grams for a 3 cup Chemex or 60 grams for a 6 cup Chemex.

Rinse the Filter

Before you begin brewing, fold the filter along the sides and rinse it with hot water. This will help rinse out any paper residue, ensure a better seal, and help keep the coffee from tasting flat. Once you’ve rinsed the filter, discard the hot water and put the filter in the Chemex.

Add the Ground Coffee

Carefully add the pre-measured coffee grounds to the filter. Make sure the grounds are evenly distributed.

Brew the Coffee

Slowly pour hot water into the filter. Aim for the grounds in the center and make sure to wet all of the grounds. Continue to pour until you’ve added the desired amount of water. You should see the water level rise and start to drip out of the bottom of the Chemex into the carafe. Once all of the water has dripped through, your coffee is ready to drink.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Once your coffee is brewed, it’s time to enjoy. The Chemex will produce a light and flavorful cup of coffee. The process is simple, yet rewarding, and it’s sure to impress your friends and family. So grab your favorite mug and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

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