How To Clean Out Your Air Fryer

How to Clean an Air Fryer Taste of Home
How to Clean an Air Fryer Taste of Home

How to Clean Out Your Air Fryer

What You’ll Need

Cleaning out an air fryer is a simple process, but you’ll need a few supplies to get the job done. Gather a soft cloth, a kitchen brush, a mild dishwashing detergent, a baking soda paste, and a few rags.

Step One: Unplug It

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure to unplug your air fryer. Safety first!

Step Two: Remove the Basket and Tray

Take out the basket and tray from your air fryer. These components should be washed separately in the sink. Use the kitchen brush and mild dishwashing detergent to scrub away any grease, grime, and food particles. Rinse them off and let them air dry.

Step Three: Clean the Interior

Mix a paste of baking soda and water, and use it to wipe down the interior of the air fryer. Then, use the soft cloth and a little bit of dishwashing detergent to wipe down the inside of the air fryer. To get rid of any tough spots, use a kitchen brush. Finally, rinse the interior with water and a cloth and then dry it off with a clean rag.

Step Four: Clean the Heating Element

Use a soft cloth to wipe down the heating element. Make sure to keep the cloth damp and avoid using any abrasive cleaners. Wipe the element down until it’s completely clean, then dry it off with a clean rag.

Step Five: Reassemble the Air Fryer

Once everything is clean and dry, it’s time to reassemble the air fryer. Start by putting the basket and tray back inside. Then, plug your air fryer in and you’re ready to start cooking again!

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