How To Cook Frozen Tamales In An Air Fryer

Instant Pot Pork Tamales are incredibly tasty and perfect for your next

How To Cook Frozen Tamales in an Air Fryer

What Is An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around the food. It’s a modern, healthier way to fry food without all the added fat and calories that traditional frying methods require. It’s becoming a popular kitchen appliance for those who want to enjoy fried foods without the guilt.

What Are Tamales?

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish that consists of a corn-based dough (called masa) that is filled with a savory or sweet filling and then steamed or boiled in a corn husk or banana leaf. They can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including cheese, meat, vegetables, and more. Tamales can also be served as a main dish or as a side dish.

How To Cook Frozen Tamales in an Air Fryer

Cooking frozen tamales in an air fryer is a great way to prepare a delicious meal in a matter of minutes. It’s also a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods since there is no added fat or calories. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

Before you start cooking the tamales, you’ll need to preheat the air fryer. Set the temperature to 350°F and let it preheat for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Place the Tamales in the Air Fryer

Once the air fryer is preheated, you can place the frozen tamales in the basket. Arrange them in a single layer and make sure they are not touching each other. Close the air fryer and set the timer to 10 minutes.

Step 3: Flip the Tamales Over

After 10 minutes, open the air fryer and flip the tamales over. Set the timer for an additional 10 minutes and close the air fryer.

Step 4: Let the Tamales Cool

Once the timer is up, open the air fryer and let the tamales cool for a few minutes before serving. You can now enjoy your delicious and healthy air-fried tamales!

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