How To Keep Cars Off Your Lawn

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How to Keep Cars Off Your Lawn

The Problem With Cars on Your Lawn

It’s a problem that many people have faced at one point or another. You wake up one day and there is a car parked on your front lawn. This is a huge issue, and can cause all sorts of damage to your lawn, not to mention the potential for a confrontation with the owner of the car. So what can you do to make sure cars stay off your lawn?

Install a Fence or Gate

The most common solution to this problem is to install a fence or gate around your lawn. This will help to keep cars off your lawn and make it much more difficult for someone to park there. Fences and gates can be expensive, but they are the most effective way of keeping cars off your lawn.

Put Up Signs

Another option is to put up signs around your lawn that state that parking is not allowed on the property. This is a less expensive solution than a fence or gate, but it may not be as effective. People may still ignore the signs, or not be able to see them from the road.

Call the Police

If you see a car parked on your lawn, your best bet is to call the police. They will be able to help you get the car removed from your property. It is important to note that the police may not be able to remove the car immediately, so it is best to take pictures of the car and its license plate in case the owner tries to claim it later.

Talk to the Owner

If you know who the car belongs to, then you can try to talk to them and ask them to move their car. This may be uncomfortable, but it is usually the best solution. Be polite but firm, and explain to them why it is important that they move their car.


Keeping cars off your lawn can be a difficult task, but it is possible. Installing a fence or gate is the most effective solution, but if that is not an option, then putting up signs and calling the police are good alternatives. If you know who the car belongs to, be sure to talk to them and explain why it is important that they move it.

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