How To Make Delicious Cold Brew Coffee At Home

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee and A Few Ways You Can Use it In Recipes
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee and A Few Ways You Can Use it In Recipes

How to Make Delicious Cold Brew Coffee at Home

What You Need

Cold brew coffee is a smooth and delicious way to start your day and you can easily make it at home. All you need is coarsely ground coffee, filtered water and your favorite mug. You’ll also need a large glass container or jar to steep the coffee in. If you don’t have one, a French press makes a great cold brew coffee maker.

Brewing the Coffee

Start by adding a half cup of coarsely ground coffee to the glass container or jar. Add four cups of cold water to the mixture and stir until the coffee is completely saturated. Cover the container and let it steep for 12-24 hours. The longer you steep, the stronger the coffee will be.

Filtering the Coffee

Once you’ve finished steeping the coffee, it’s time to strain it. Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth and place it over a large bowl or measuring cup. Gently pour the coffee mixture into the strainer and let it drain. You can discard the grounds or save them for composting.

Enjoying Your Cold Brew

The cold brew coffee is now ready to serve. Pour it over ice, add some cream and a splash of your favorite syrup or flavor. Enjoy your delicious cold brew coffee anytime you want!

Tips & Tricks

If you want to make a larger batch of cold brew coffee, simply scale up the ingredients according to your needs. You can store the brewed coffee in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If you want an extra jolt of caffeine, you can add an extra half cup of coffee grounds to the mixture.

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