How To Make Rice In An Air Fryer

How To Make Air Fryer Fried Rice Fast Food Bistro Recipe Air
How To Make Air Fryer Fried Rice Fast Food Bistro Recipe Air

How To Make Rice In An Air Fryer

What Is An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around it. This is done by a fan and heating element, which circulate the hot air like an oven. The air fryer uses significantly less oil than traditional frying methods, making it a popular choice for health-conscious cooks. Plus, it cooks quickly and evenly, resulting in tasty and crispy fried foods.

Ingredients Needed

For this recipe, all you need is 1 cup of long grain white rice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 1 ¾ cups of water.


1. Begin by preheating your air fryer to 400°F. Add the rice, olive oil, salt, and water to the air fryer basket. Stir everything together.

2. Place the basket in the air fryer and cook for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, turn off the air fryer and let the rice rest for 5 minutes.

3. Carefully remove the basket and fluff the rice with a fork. Serve and enjoy!

Additional Tips

– You can use other types of rice, such as brown rice or wild rice. Just adjust the cooking time accordingly.

– You can also add other ingredients to the rice, such as vegetables or spices.

– To make the rice even crispier, spray the basket with a light coating of cooking oil before adding the ingredients.


Making rice in an air fryer is a quick and easy way to make perfectly cooked rice. All you need is the right ingredients and a few simple steps. With just a few minutes of cooking time, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.

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