How To Take Care Of New Sod Lawn

How to Care for Zoysia Grass
How to Care for Zoysia Grass

How to Take Care of New Sod Lawn

Preparing Your Lawn for Sod

When preparing your lawn for sod, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the ground is flat and level. This will ensure that the sod is even and that it will grow properly. You may need to use a shovel, rake, or roller to get the ground as level as possible. The soil should also be free of weeds and any large rocks or debris that could be in the way. After the ground is level, you want to make sure the soil is moist. Before laying the sod, you should water the ground to ensure that the soil is moist.

Laying the Sod

Once the ground is prepared and the soil is moist, you are ready to lay the sod. Start laying the sod in rows, making sure to place each piece of sod as close to the other pieces as possible. Make sure that the pieces of sod overlap slightly so that there are no gaps between them. You can use a roller to press the sod into the ground and make sure it is secure. Once the entire lawn is covered with sod, give the lawn another good soaking with water.

Water and Fertilize the Lawn

Once the sod is laid, it is important to keep the lawn well-watered for the first few weeks. This will help the roots of the sod get established and grow into the soil. During the first few weeks, you should water the lawn 2-3 times per day. After the roots are established, you should water the lawn 1-2 times per week. You may also want to fertilize your lawn to help the sod get established. Make sure to read the instructions on the fertilizer package and follow the directions.

Mowing and Maintenance

Once the sod is established and rooted, it is important to keep up with regular mowing and maintenance. Make sure to mow your lawn at least once a week, and keep the blades of your mower sharp so that the grass is cut cleanly. You should also remove any weeds that may pop up in the lawn, and make sure to keep the lawn free of debris. It is also important to aerate your lawn every couple of months to help the grass grow and stay healthy.


Taking care of a new sod lawn can be a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end. Making sure that the ground is level and the soil is moist before laying the sod is important. Make sure to water the lawn regularly and fertilize it to help the sod get established. Once the sod is established, regular mowing and maintenance will help your lawn stay healthy and looking great.

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