How To Use Ribbon On Gifts

Ways to use your burlap ribbon! What are some ways you use it? Burlap
Ways to use your burlap ribbon! What are some ways you use it? Burlap

How to Use Ribbon on Gifts

Getting Started with Gift Wrapping Ribbon

Whether you’re wrapping up a special birthday surprise or tucking away a holiday gift, adding a bit of ribbon to the package can take it from ordinary to extraordinary. But how do you use ribbon to adorn your gifts? Read on to learn the basics of ribbon use and to get some ideas for special touches you can add to your wrapped gifts.

Choosing the Right Ribbon

The type of ribbon you use will depend on the type of wrap you’re using. If you’re using wrapping paper, for example, you’ll want to opt for a heavier ribbon or a type of trim that’s made for wrapping paper. If you’re using tissue paper or fabric, you may prefer lighter ribbon. Consider the color of the ribbon you choose, too. Generally, you’ll want the ribbon to complement the wrap rather than clash.

Tying the Ribbon

When it comes to tying off a bow, there are two basic approaches. The first is the traditional method, which requires you to tie two separate loops with a knot in the center. The second is the wrap-around method, which involves wrapping the ribbon around the package and then tying it off with a small knot.

Adding Special Touches

Once you’ve chosen the type of ribbon and the method of tying, you can add special touches to the bow. Consider adding a few extra loops to the loops of the bow for a fuller look. You can also add smaller pieces of ribbon or decorative accents like pinecones or ornaments. The possibilities are endless!

Wrapping It Up

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start adding ribbon to your gifts. Whether you’re wrapping up a birthday present or a holiday surprise, a bit of ribbon can instantly make the package look more special and more festive. So don’t be afraid to get creative and to have fun with your gift wrapping!

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