How To Choose The Right Scott's Fall Lawn Fertilizer For Your Yard In 2023

Scotts Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn FoodFL 13.33 lb. in the Lawn

How to Choose the Right Scott’s Fall Lawn Fertilizer for Your Yard in 2023

Choosing the Right Fertilizer for Your Lawn

It’s that time of year again! As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start to change, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the fall. One of the best ways to give your lawn a boost of nutrients and help it stay healthy throughout the winter is by using Scott’s fall lawn fertilizer.

What to Look For When Choosing Your Fertilizer

When shopping for fertilizer, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. First, consider the type of grass you have in your yard. Different types of grass require different types of fertilizer.

Second, consider the nutrients your soil may be lacking. Different types of fertilizer contain different nutrients, so it’s important to choose one that has the nutrients your soil needs.

Finally, take into account the season. You may need to choose a fertilizer that is specifically formulated for the fall season.

Why Scott’s Fall Fertilizer is a Great Choice

Scott’s has been in the business of lawn care for over 100 years, so they really know what they’re doing. Their fall fertilizer is specifically designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to get through the cold winter months. It is formulated to help promote root growth, thicken turf, and reduce crabgrass.

Scott’s fall fertilizer is also easy to use. It comes in a ready-to-spray bottle that you can connect to your garden hose and spray directly onto your lawn. It’s also available in granular form for those who prefer to spread it by hand.


Scott’s fall fertilizer is an excellent choice for all types of lawns, as it is specifically designed to help your lawn get through the winter months. It is easy to use and provides the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy and strong. So, if you’re looking for a fertilizer to help your lawn this fall, you can’t go wrong with Scott’s.

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