They Used To Call Me Smart, Now They Call Me Gifted

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They Used to Call Me Smart, Now They Call Me Gifted

The Rise of the Gifted Child

It’s no longer enough to be smart in this day and age. It seems that the word “smart” has been replaced with “gifted”. The concept of the gifted child has become increasingly popular in the past decade, with parents scrambling to get their children into the best schools and programs in order to push them to their full potential.

What Does It Mean to be Gifted?

The definition of “gifted” has changed over the years, but it typically refers to a child who shows an advanced level of aptitude in academics, artistic endeavors, and/or physical abilities. Gifted children are often found to have an innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and they have a natural ability to take in information and process it quickly.

The Benefits of Being Gifted

Being gifted comes with a host of benefits. Gifted children often excel in school, receiving higher grades and awards than their peers. They may also be invited to participate in special programs and activities designed for their particular abilities. This can lead to enhanced self-esteem, higher levels of achievement, and a greater sense of accomplishment.

The Challenges of Being Gifted

Unfortunately, being gifted can also come with its own set of challenges. Gifted children can be easily bored in traditional classrooms, as the pace of instruction may not be stimulating enough for them. They may also struggle to fit in with their peers, who may not understand their interests and abilities. Additionally, gifted children may experience feelings of loneliness or isolation due to their advanced nature.

Supporting the Gifted Child

The key to helping the gifted child reach their full potential is providing them with the proper support and guidance. Parents should strive to create an environment in which their child feels safe to explore and express their gifts. They should also seek out activities and programs that will challenge and engage the child, while still allowing them to have fun.

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