Unusual Father's Day Gifts 2023

125 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Would Love
125 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas Every Dad Would Love

Unusual Father’s Day Gifts 2023

When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day 2023 is Sunday, June 18th. It is a day to celebrate the special men in our lives – dads, grandpas, uncles, stepfathers, and anyone else you consider a father.

Traditional Father’s Day Gifts

Gifts like ties, golf balls, and socks are typically given on Father’s Day, but why not choose something a little more unique this year? Here are some ideas for unusual Father’s Day gifts that dad will really love.

1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great option for Father’s Day. Put dad’s name, a special date, or a favorite quote on a mug, t-shirt, or even a custom-made piece of art. This shows dad how much you care and that you put thought into his gift.

2. Experiences

Experiences are great gifts that you can share together. Buy tickets to a comedy show or concert, or take a day trip to a local museum or amusement park. You could even plan a surprise outdoor adventure like a hot air balloon ride or a fishing trip.

3. Subscriptions

Subscribe dad to a magazine or streaming service that he loves. Give him a subscription to a monthly beer club, or sign him up for a cooking class. There are tons of options that dad will appreciate.

4. Grooming Products

A nice razor, some cologne, and a quality hair product are all great gifts for the grooming-inclined dad. Look for new and interesting products that dad might not have heard of.

5. Man Cave Accessories

Every man needs a place to escape and relax. Help dad create his own man cave with some accessories like a mini fridge, a mini-bar, a dart board, or a set of speakers. These are all great gifts that he’ll get plenty of use out of.


Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your dad how much he means to you. Forget the same old gifts and think outside the box with one of these unique ideas. Dad is sure to love it!

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