How To Use A Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer Spreader In 2023

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How to Use a Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer Spreader in 2023

Why Use a Fertilizer Spreader?

Fertilizer spreaders help make sure that your lawn is receiving the right amount of fertilizer. You don’t want to over-fertilize your lawn, as this can cause burn marks or discoloration. You also don’t want to under-fertilize your lawn, as this will not give it a healthy, lush appearance. A fertilizer spreader makes sure that your lawn is receiving the perfect amount of fertilizer.

Understanding Settings

When using a Vigoro lawn fertilizer spreader, it’s important to understand the settings. The settings for the Vigoro lawn fertilizer spreader will depend on what kind of fertilizer you are using and the size of your lawn. You will need to adjust the settings to ensure that you are applying the right amount of fertilizer to your lawn. Generally, you will use a higher setting for larger lawns and a lower setting for smaller lawns.

Using the Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Once you have selected the appropriate settings for your Vigoro lawn fertilizer spreader, you are ready to use it. Start by filling the hopper of the spreader with the fertilizer. Make sure not to overfill the hopper, as this could cause clogging or other issues. Once the hopper is filled, start at one corner of your lawn and walk in a straight line. Make sure to keep the spreader at a consistent pace and distance from each other to ensure even coverage.

Cleaning the Spreader

Once you are finished fertilizing your lawn, you will need to clean the spreader. Start by emptying the hopper of any remaining fertilizer. Next, use a hose to rinse out the hopper and the spreader. Make sure to get all of the fertilizer residue out of the spreader. Finally, use a soft brush to scrub the spreader and the hopper. This will help to ensure that the spreader is clean and free of any fertilizer residue.


Using a Vigoro lawn fertilizer spreader can help you make sure that your lawn is receiving the right amount of fertilizer. It’s important to understand the settings and how to use the spreader properly. Once you are finished fertilizing your lawn, make sure to clean the spreader to ensure that it is free of any residue. Following these steps will help you get the best results from your Vigoro lawn fertilizer spreader.

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