When To Start Lawn Care In 2023

How to Start Lawn Care Business Lawn care business, Lawn care, Fall
How to Start Lawn Care Business Lawn care business, Lawn care, Fall

When to Start Lawn Care in 2023

Preparing Your Lawn for the Spring

When the days start to get longer and the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to start thinking about lawn care. The key to having a healthy and vibrant lawn is to start early and work on it consistently. Spring is the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for the upcoming summer months.

Cleaning Up Your Lawn

The first step in prepping your lawn for the warmer months is to do a thorough cleaning. Start by raking the leaves and debris off the grass so that your lawn will get plenty of air and sunlight. This will help to prevent disease and encourage new growth during the summer months.

Testing the Soil

Once you’ve cleaned up your lawn, you’ll want to test the soil to make sure it has the right balance of nutrients. You can purchase a testing kit from your local garden center or home improvement store. This will help you determine what amendments you need to make to the soil in order to ensure that your lawn is healthy and strong.

Fertilizing and Seeding

Once you’ve tested the soil, you can start fertilizing and seeding your lawn. Make sure to use a fertilizer that is specifically designed for the type of grass you have. You can also use a seed mix that contains grass that is suitable for your area. This will help to ensure that your lawn is able to thrive during the summer months.

Mowing and Watering

Once your lawn is ready for the summer, you’ll want to start mowing and watering it regularly. Make sure to mow your lawn at least once a week, and water it deeply twice a week. This will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout the summer months.

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